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This is a High Quality Typo Comments Off

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It would appear that the quality has, indeed, been lost here. Sad to think this funny typo made it through to the actual truck it was placed upon.

Thanks to Heather H. for submitting this typo gem.

Car and Driver Typos Through Time! 1

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A review from January 2038…LOL I didn’t know Car and Driver could time travel ;-)
january 2038 date typo

Thank, Aaron W.

Jeff Buckles: Pubic Defender Comments Off

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That is a good area of the body to defend.

Submitted by Tara T.

Chinese Brocori – Oh no they didn’t! Comments Off

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Submitted by Jenina.

Creamy Cremations! Mmmmmm…. Comments Off

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I called to inquire. I asked if they stuffed the body with ice cream and made a baked Alaska corpse cake. My friend holds it’s reference to necrophilia.

This is the work of Tea Party Republican. These went up all over town and the sign maker is not responsible.

Thanks, James T

Correct Spelling Stickly Prohibited 1

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Strickly No Mud Trucks – Found at a car wash service.

Submitted by Sean B.

Site Test vs Sight Test Comments Off

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The ironing is delicious. ;-)

Misspelling site for sight is even more funny since it is from an optometrist.

Hi please see attached an optician’s advert in our local circular in
Aylesbury (UK). Great use of the word site instead of sight!
Best regards

Double Typo! It’s so Beautiful. Comments Off

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Poor Notre Dame misspelled fighting as figthing and then this ad on this story actual has a typo. Lovely double typo.

Thanks to Issabelle K.

Whit Love Typo Comments Off

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How very romantic, for a funny typo.

Submitted by Onno.

Muslim Main Curse! Comments Off

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With your meal you also get a curse. Two for one!

Submitted by Mahrukh Z.

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