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Scummy Christmas Dinner Typo Comments Off

Posted on December 10, 2014 by admin


We are going to assume they meant yummy Christmas dinners, because we can’t think of what would be served with a scummy Christmas dinner, can you?

Submitted by Damien C.

Donkey Stands Comments Off

Posted on December 09, 2012 by admin

From Squish Duck:

Ass Stance

“So childish, I’m ashamed I snickered.”

We’re more wondering – what is this for?  Push this button and your donkey will stand on its hind legs?  Nope, some naughty monkey merely scratched out the “I.”  Hopefully nobody will actually need “assistance.”

Don’t click here, click her! Comments Off

Posted on October 25, 2012 by admin

At least we know the child is a female, otherwise this would be confusing.

This was an ad from a news website.  Apparently, good spelling is not a prerequisite for this job.

submitted by Jeri

Hand & Cheese Sandwich Menu Typo Comments Off

Posted on October 08, 2012 by admin


Some restaurants have weird items on their menu, but a funny typo can make an item on the menu go from bizarre to downright disgustingly gross. Case in point, the hand and cheese sandwich for only $8.00. Of course, it doesn’t state if it is a human hand. It could easily be a monkey hand…which make it even worse. Forget I mentioned it.

Submitted by J. and A. Stubbs, who also remarked, “I wonder if the hand is whole or sliced.” Nice.

Lulu For Sale Comments Off

Posted on October 05, 2012 by admin


…and boy, is Lulu’s husband mad!

In Bahrain. (Okay, to be fair, Lulu means “pearl” and it’s referring to the card for a grocery store by the same name).


Cock Tower Comments Off

Posted on October 04, 2012 by admin

cock tower

Is it?

Wal Matt 1

Posted on September 26, 2012 by admin

WallMat Scan

I’m just going to go ahead and copy this word for word –

Go to Wall Mat

Lest For Wall Mat

2 Qorts of oll 30 wet
2 Box’s of Dod food
Toylet paper 12 Big Rols $5.50 Family Dolalr
Get Sum pekgers Davlmt
Get some Deoteret (insert picture of deodorant)  SPEED Stick
Lady Sup
Bady wesh
Paper Towles 8 Rolls $6.00 Family Dollar
Dayer send’s
Tide Powder 43 to 55 lood’s.
Gain Lood’s Ligtid 45 to 64 Powder 63 to go

This person may be a terrible speller, but at least he or she is smart enough to know that Wal-Mart matches lower prices.  Let’s just hope they brought that Family Dollar circular to the store with them, and that they used their own list, other than sending a more literate family member.

Public Houses Comments Off

Posted on September 22, 2012 by admin


VIA:  WightInfo.co.uk

Just Do It 1

Posted on September 13, 2012 by admin

Clearing Out By Land

Not sure what exactly, but do it anyway.

Stella Seeds? Comments Off

Posted on September 08, 2012 by admin

Stella Seeds Semen

Strangely enough, Stella Seeds was not one Turkey’s most successful companies…

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