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Scummy Christmas Dinner Typo

We are going to assume they meant yummy Christmas dinners, because we can’t think of what would be served with a scummy Christmas dinner, can you? Submitted by Damien C.

Ass Stance

Donkey Stands

From Squish Duck: “So childish, I’m ashamed I snickered.” We’re more wondering – what is this for?  Push this button and your donkey will stand on its hind legs?  Nope, some naughty monkey merely...


Hand & Cheese Sandwich Menu Typo

Some restaurants have weird items on their menu, but a funny typo can make an item on the menu go from bizarre to downright disgustingly gross. Case in point, the hand and cheese sandwich...


Lulu For Sale

…and boy, is Lulu’s husband mad! In Bahrain. (Okay, to be fair, Lulu means “pearl” and it’s referring to the card for a grocery store by the same name).  

WallMat Scan

Wal Matt

I’m just going to go ahead and copy this word for word – Go to Wall Mat Lest For Wall Mat 2 Qorts of oll 30 wet 2 Box’s of Dod food Toylet paper...

Stella Seeds Semen

Stella Seeds?

Strangely enough, Stella Seeds was not one Turkey’s most successful companies…