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Oh, Fuct! 2

Posted on August 29, 2012 by admin


This guy spells Future “Fucture” in his header logo!

I took a screenshot of it before he could correct it. (http://rrcs-74-87-143-203.west.biz.rr.com/)

submitted by Paula Hughes

It’s a boi nation, woooo! 6

Posted on August 20, 2012 by admin

This picture is from Spartanburg, SC’s inaugural GLTBQ Pride March (June 2009). Apparently, spelling is not a skill of the righteous… And, adding insult to injury, according to urbandictionary.com: “Boi: in the gay community, a young gay man.” It’s a boi nation, woooo!

submitted Claire Cunningham

Don’t Forget Your Valvables 2

Posted on August 12, 2012 by admin

Be sure to protect your Valvables.

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comgwats! Cake misspelling typo 12

Posted on January 09, 2012 by admin
Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: magpie-moon

I guess the cake decorator really got on a roll and didn’t know a r from a u from a d from a…well, you get the idea.

This is a REAL cake, as decorated by a local grocery store bakery for the going away party of a staff member who was moving. We were pretty much in hysterics when we took it out of the box. It WAS supposed to say “congratulations” — must have been done by a student. great quality control!

sc(h)olarship fund 1

Posted on January 07, 2012 by admin
Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: amusings

Yes. Please. Won’t someone help support the scolarship fund?

Obviously they need the help more than they know.

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