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Reebok’s R Great Comments Off

Posted on June 09, 2012 by admin


What can we do with our running shoe companies let us down with poor spelling? What’s next? Nike misspells Michael Jodan?

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Tonight’s misspelled KOLN Caption Comments Off

Posted on February 03, 2012 by admin
Boarder misspelling

Even the world news can get it wrong. Israel-Gaza Boarder? I guess the two countries are taking in guests to help with finances?

Small homos plate 6

Posted on January 24, 2012 by admin
Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: Frank Synopsis

I can only assume homos is supposed to be Hummus? Still, I wonder what the small homo plate would serve?

Designer Perfurmes Typo Comments Off

Posted on January 18, 2012 by admin
Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: jhcl+

who is Chanelle Hayes and why is she so popular?

Exit / Enterance Typo 1

Posted on January 15, 2012 by admin

This wonderfully mis-spelled homemade sign has been hanging around the exit to the Paintworks in Brislington for years. It had previously been propped up in various positions. I found it again recently, as shown here, discarded on the grass verge on the opposite side of the road near the enterance (sic) to Arnos Vale cemetery.

Shcool Crossing Misspelling 4

Posted on January 12, 2012 by admin
Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: gnotalex

Hard to believe this isn’t done with Photoshop, but it is funny either way.

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