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Posted on October 23, 2012 by admin

Setup:  Yellow Springs, Ohio is a village of about 4,000 residents.  The Village Human Relations Committee meets quarterly.  They provide oversight of police actions.  Issue #5 is an interesting observation on their conclusions or concussions…



Human Relations Commission Meeting Minutes for July 2010
Present: Joan Chappelle, John Booth, Patti Dallas, Gerry Simms, 2 citizens arrived midway thru meeting
Minutes of June 2010 approved
Citizen’s Concerns: None
Old business:
1. Youth Building Workshop – planning for all day workshop August 8th. Place TBD
2. Skate Park Music Fest – Event held 11 July 2010. Gathered input from skaters on what they would like. Council may match up to $50,000 for park improvements. Each HRC member was asked to think of a ways fund park improvements.
3. Website – A meeting will be held week of 17 July to learn how to manage the site.
4. Block Party Plans – plans are progressing for a number of parties the 21st of August.
5. Report on Police data – Data was provided from 1991 to present. No meaningful concussions could drawn from the data. Will ask the police chief to provide data on youth and minorities to see if it can be determined if discrimination exists.

Submitted by anonymous.

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