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Any Chair May Fell

Wow. The only line of text that makes any sense is the last one, where they state how much you owe if you break the chair. This one has it all: engrish, typos, and...


Attention Customer’s

Can’t we just say we give up and let people use apostrophes however they wish. Or should I say let them use apostrophe’s however they wish. submitted by Travis


There Back at Popeyes

I feel like I need a whole category for fast food restaurant signs with bad grammar and missed typos. What does this say about the teenagers of America and the foreigners who manage them?...

Opinon Survey

Opinon Survey

Thanks to PewPotato for this town mailer typo. If they would really like my opinion, get a better proofreader, as should “i”.


Engrish Cookies

Funny Misspelling Credit: The Daemon A present from a mate’s trip to Japan for Engrish value. I love how the bear on the left has a funny name and expression to match! Also, shouldn’t...

grage sale typo

Grage Sale Spelling?

Funny Misspelling Credit: wvdirtboy (ilikegooglebetter) I am not sure I really want to buy a Grage? Is it some kind of desk or hairless pet?