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Made in Chian

It looks like the label was spelled somewhere that hasn’t heard of China. Submitted by Ryan H.

Oh, Fuct!

Oh, Fuct!

This guy spells Future “Fucture” in his header logo! I took a screenshot of it before he could correct it. (http://rrcs-74-87-143-203.west.biz.rr.com/) submitted by Paula Hughes


It’s a boi nation, woooo!

This picture is from Spartanburg, SC’s inaugural GLTBQ Pride March (June 2009). Apparently, spelling is not a skill of the righteous… And, adding insult to injury, according to urbandictionary.com: “Boi: in the gay community,...

Bad Grammar = No Girlfriend

Bad grammar = no girlfriend

Funny Misspelling Credit: Gez D You better have low standards if you choose this guy. Related articles Best English Grammar Sites (verybestsites.com) 15 Most Misspelled English Words Infographic (infographicsshowcase.com)