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WallMat Scan

Wal Matt

I’m just going to go ahead and copy this word for word – Go to Wall Mat Lest For Wall Mat 2 Qorts of oll 30 wet 2 Box’s of Dod food Toylet paper...

Picture 6

Japanese Schwetty Balls

I’ll just say that if they another name, they look like they’d be a tasty snack. Just for clarification, these are called Crunky Nude Balls. Nude in this instance means “inside out,” I looked...



Typo: This was taken in Timmins, Ontario, Canada (WAYYY up North). I found it amusing as the correct spelling was directly beside the sign on the product itself. VIA Ruckuschica


Chines Cusine – Who is Chines?

Dear Funny Typos, I live in Bangladesh and came across this gem while out with friends. I hope you enjoy as much as we did. “Chines was definitely a good choice that evening. I...