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Consluting typo 3

Posted on January 25, 2012 by admin
Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: Aztec West

This company, which appears to be called Pinnacle, has gone to the trouble of giving itself an ‘identity’ whereby the ‘A’ in ‘Pinnacle’ resembles an inverted ‘V’. I’ve no idea why, but hey, it catches the eye, and they’ve obviously spent time thinking about what they’re doing. Good for them. There’s also a coloured logo, part of which is visible on the left. All this goes to create a corporate image, no doubt. One which is designed to look good, surely?

However, they seem to have left themselves no time to bother proofreading the rest of the text…

I’m constantly amazed at how companies (including the City Council) can present themselves in such a sloppy manner.

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