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Because once just wasn’t enough 2

Posted on September 14, 2012 by admin

What makes this such an amazing picture is that not only is their error posted once in huge bold letters, but it is everywhere else! How was this possible? They couldn’t even reach an agreement either, what with pie’s being possessive and burgers being pluralized. Again, the repetitive nature of this picture just screams out “Look! We’re incorrect grammar and we’re here forever!”

On a second thought, who thought pies and burgers?

Read Post Humorous 2

Posted on August 27, 2012 by admin

I assume that by keeping you best on what looks to be a water advertisement, they are saying to keep yourself healthy, or at your best. I appreciate their concern but would appreciate a proofreader for such advertisements as well.

Who you gonna call? Comments Off

Posted on August 21, 2012 by admin

Another user-submitted typo, taken from a video game review video. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with The Angry Video Game Nerd or his review of all of the Ghostbuster’s video games. This particular selection was found in his review in which the AVGN went through and counted all of the mistakes found on this screen that you see after beating the game.

Submitted by Dylan R.

“Dream” on Comments Off

Posted on August 15, 2012 by admin

Another misuse of quotation marks, giving those of us with more intimate knowledge of English grammar a slightly dirty chuckle.

From the “Japan Hotel Association” 3

Posted on August 14, 2012 by admin

Normally, quotations around a word in English like this imply double meanings. I feel badly for this hotel for unknowingly making their cautionary request into a joke.

Smile Your On Camera – No Apostrophe 1

Posted on August 11, 2012 by admin

Smile Your On Camera - No Apostrophe

This could be read two ways and both ways are still wrong.

  1. Smile. Your own camera <– Could be a good sales tactic for selling camera.
  2. Smile, You’re On Camera <– This lets you know that customers are being watched, so no shoplifting!

I’m going to go with option number two. Maybe somebody stole the apostrophe while they were changing the film in camera?

submitted by Molly

Attention Customer’s 1

Posted on July 12, 2012 by admin

Can’t we just say we give up and let people use apostrophes however they wish. Or should I say let them use apostrophe’s however they wish.

submitted by Travis

Apostrophe's Misuse's 2

Posted on May 17, 2012 by admin


We’ve all seen our share of misused apostrophes, but this one was over the top.  Found in a restaurant in Portland, OR.

submitted by Nathan Shields

There Back at Popeyes 2

Posted on May 14, 2012 by admin

I feel like I need a whole category for fast food restaurant signs with bad grammar and missed typos. What does this say about the teenagers of America and the foreigners who manage them?

submitted by Shirley Renicker

ER Survey Sheet 4

Posted on May 02, 2012 by admin


John Currier from Gastonia, NC gets credit for this one.

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