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Sorry We Closed McDonald’s Sign

Couldn’t they have used the apostrophe from McDonald’s and the “r” and the “e” from “drive-thru” to make a correct sentence? I think the big dirt lot would have been a clue this restaurant...

no semi's

No Semi’s

Taken outside the Port Orange, Florida police department. Shouldn’t there be a class for the world to take on how to use the apostrophe? submitted by Fred


Attention Customer’s

Can’t we just say we give up and let people use apostrophes however they wish. Or should I say let them use apostrophe’s however they wish. submitted by Travis

Employee's Must Wash There Hands

Employee’s Must Wash There Hands

Employee’s Must wash there hands before returning to work! Wow, a double score found at a Burger King in Florida. We get the wrong use for an apostrophe and the wrong “there”. submitted by...