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Ass Stance

Donkey Stands

From Squish Duck: “So childish, I’m ashamed I snickered.” We’re more wondering – what is this for?  Push this button and your donkey will stand on its hind legs?  Nope, some naughty monkey merely...


Lulu For Sale

…and boy, is Lulu’s husband mad! In Bahrain. (Okay, to be fair, Lulu means “pearl” and it’s referring to the card for a grocery store by the same name).  


Possessive Woes

This store apparently only has one employee. My question is, to which singular possession does this sign refer?  Are we talking about this employee’s only door?  Will we find the employee’s only break room,...

no semi's

No Semi’s

Taken outside the Port Orange, Florida police department. Shouldn’t there be a class for the world to take on how to use the apostrophe? submitted by Fred

Poker Rules

Poker Fun

This is so bad it almost isn’t even funny: First off, what does EPHPC stand for? Using the acronym finder, one unverified meaning for the acronym EPHPC is listed:  Environmental Professionals Home Page Clay. ...


Taters for Sale!

i saw this sign last summer driving through Independence Ks.  i first saw the side that was spelled ok, but looked really bad, which made me turn and see the other side out of...


Aluminun Can Drop Off

It’s hard to say and it is hard to spell. But, come on, people! It’s for charity! Would the American Cancer Society Approve. And you just know a student probably did this. Oh, how...