Small homos plate

Funny Typo

Funny Misspelling Credit: Frank Synopsis

I can only assume homos is supposed to be Hummus? Still, I wonder what the small homo plate would serve?

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6 Responses

  1. Hi! says:

    They also misspelled PICKLES

  2. Peachy says:

    They also misspelled “pickles” and “kebab”.

  3. Arcfars says:

    How do you get ground-beef on a kebab skewer?

  4. LolaB says:

    But I think it’s very thoughtful of them to have a special plate just for small homos.

  5. orangeTNman says:

    when they say “small” do they mean in height or length?

  6. D.M. says:

    “Yes, I’d like a small plate of homos, please.” Lmao.
    I’m asking this, because I honestly don’t know: Is ‘shishlik’ a word?