Remainder: Don't Forget Your Ticket!


I used to live in Caen, France.  There is a parking garage downtown where lots of British and American tourists park their cars, so naturally there is a sign to remind people to bring their ticket with them to pay at the automated teller before leaving.  This sign is official and it was put up by the management of the parking lot.  I first noticed the sign about two years ago, the typo was never corrected.

submitted by Valerie Dabliz

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5 Responses

  1. nate says:

    are you talking about the ‘remainder’ or the fact that it says ‘do take your parking ticket with you’, because the first time I read that I thought it said do not. I’m guessing that my error has something to do with the fact that I’ve always seen ‘do not’ signs and never ‘do’ signs and it’s habit to place the not in there.

  2. Dell Atlas says:

    Remainder instead of reminder is the error I saw.

  3. Uncle Jake says:

    Valerie along with many others needs to learn proper usage of “bring” and “take”.

    ” …Do not take your ticket with you!….”

    “……there is a sign to remind people to bring their ticket with them …..”

    The sign is correct & Valerie is not. Just remember you bring here and take there.

  4. Shell says:

    Uncle Jake, the typo is in the word Remainder, it should be Reminder.

  5. unindoctrinated says:

    Maybe it’s that people who plan to get their car out after the garage is closed can have a trailer, the remainders can not!

    Just kidding.

    As Nate says though. We so frequently read “Do not” on signs that we automatically read “Do Not” even when the sign says do. I was at a car show and this guy had placed a sign on his driver’s seat stating “PLEASE DO SIT IN THE CAR” in bold red print and I asked him if I could possibly sit in the car as I was thinking of purchasing a similar car and he pointed at the sign and I re-read it then walked away until he called me back.