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Polio Chicken – I don’t want that. Comments Off

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polio chicken

Polio chicken doesn’t even sound appetizing. This menu needs a proofreader.

Submitted by Chris T.

Get a correct menu and put it in a menu cover here.


Stationary Celebartions Comments Off

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typos 3

Stationary, celebartions…2 FOR 1 MISTAKE in returns dept. trash can at Wal-Mart.

Submitted by Paula S.

Repulbic Mispelling Comments Off

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I would NOT wear a shirt with a spelling error on it. Simple.

Submitted by Paula S.

The Apostrophe Strike’s Again Comments Off

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A little hard to see but there is a misplaced apostrophe in belong’s.

Submitted by Rohit S.

Authrized Reseller Comments Off

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They just aren’t an authorized speller.

Submitted by Kelly C.

Place Your Add Here Comments Off

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Let’s hope they don’t offer to write the ads for their clients, too!

Submitted by Amy Q.

Hand and Cheese Sandwich Comments Off

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I wonder if the hand is whole or sliced?

Submitted by Jeff S.

Funny Menu Misspellings & Typos Comments Off

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Menu Misspellings Made to Order

Yummy, yummy Frish Cakes on this erroneous menu.


What’s misspelled on this menu? Preserved Cabbage or Barbecue Comb?


Who doesn’t love a plate of Black Fungers?


Here is some information about designing your menu, without typos.

Essentials For Effective Menu Design

Designing a good menu for your restaurant is very important to maximize sales. There are many possibilities but there are also many challenges in coming up with a good design. The fact is that designing a good menu can boost your sales by as much as 10%. You should follow these easy tips below for the best designs for your menus:

First, you should try to capture the real atmosphere of your restaurant with your menu. Is your place an Italian bistro or a sports bar, or a diner? You will want to use fonts, colors and other design elements that will show the theme and feel of your eatery. Your menu design will need to show customers what they are going to experience in food and service quality.

Second, you should promote in your menu what you want to sell the most. You will want to make sure your menu is very easy to read and you should be able to draw your customers to the items that you most want to sell. You should try to point out special products and house special dishes in graphic elements that will help them to most stand out. As a restauranteur, you should have a good idea of which food products give you the most profit. It is very important that your menu design is an effective marketing document to promote those items.

Third, you should take care to position your items in your menu. Most menus that you see are in this order: appetizers, main courses, desserts, and beverages. This generally works well in the US because this is how people normally eat their meals. You should be sure that all of your sections of the menu are very easy to read and all items are easy to find.

However, you will want to change up the design a bit to promote any specials that you have. This means that you should have your specials placed at the top of the menu where people will see them. If you have a tri-fold menu design, you will want to put your specials normally in the center panel. If you have a four page menu, you should probably place your specials on the top of the right hand, inside page.

Fourth, remember to have a lot of good images of your dishes. It is very important to study the design of your competition’s menus and make sure that the pictures of your dishes really look great. You do not want your spaghetti to look bland and regular. Try to give it an extra tasty appearance with herb and tomatoes, and try to include images of an Italian kitchen or happy patrons.

The last item to remember when you are designing your menu is that a menu often is taken home and put on the fridge. That menu could be used to market your dishes for a long, long time. So, remember that by designing a very attractive menu, you could be getting yourself customers for months to come.

After you have come up with a winning menu design, you then will need to find the best printing company you can to print your menu.

Information provided by MaverickLabel.com

Donkey Stands Comments Off

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From Squish Duck:

Ass Stance

“So childish, I’m ashamed I snickered.”

We’re more wondering – what is this for?  Push this button and your donkey will stand on its hind legs?  Nope, some naughty monkey merely scratched out the “I.”  Hopefully nobody will actually need “assistance.”

I am unpleasant 3

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I am unpleasant? Well, no wonder we don’t want you with us. Stay in the house!

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