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We are Wrold Famuos…for bad spelling. 1

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Cap Canyon Bus Poster Jul21,2013 - Two Misspellings

I snapped this photo while stopped at a red light beside a bus on Lougheed Highway in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.
I shared it with Capilano Bridge company, but I have not yet heard a response.  Thus, I share with you.

Pat C.

Attention Shoppers! Misspellings Rampant! Comments Off

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Submitted by Michael.

Babies First Typo 2

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This is a box of Rice Cereal (Earth’s Best) … with some of the worst grammar I have seen to date.

Submitted by Melissa A.

Openings in Infants – That’s gross! Comments Off

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openings in infants typo

Which openings in the infants are they referring to?

Submitted by Nicole T.

Polio Chicken – I don’t want that. Comments Off

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polio chicken

Polio chicken doesn’t even sound appetizing. This menu needs a proofreader.

Submitted by Chris T.

Get a correct menu and put it in a menu cover here.


Stationary Celebartions Comments Off

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typos 3

Stationary, celebartions…2 FOR 1 MISTAKE in returns dept.¬†trash can at Wal-Mart.

Submitted by Paula S.

Repulbic Mispelling Comments Off

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I would NOT wear a shirt with a spelling error on it. Simple.

Submitted by Paula S.

The Apostrophe Strike’s Again Comments Off

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A little hard to see but there is a misplaced apostrophe in belong’s.

Submitted by Rohit S.

Authrized Reseller Comments Off

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They just aren’t an authorized speller.

Submitted by Kelly C.

Place Your Add Here Comments Off

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Let’s hope they don’t offer to write the ads for their clients, too!

Submitted by Amy Q.

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